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RT: zimleague: #tonibraxton twimbos South Sudan leader to sign peace deal: Aide: Juba - South Sudan's Pre... ... http://t.co/NIKO9zHvvC
Tweeted by @thmonye from Juba, South Sudan.

Act Local, Think Global. #Katrina10 #MDGs #SDGs #sustainabledevelopment https://t.co/hTs7OKkXMr
#tonibraxton twimbos South Sudan leader to sign peace deal: Aide: Juba - South Sudan's Pre... http://t.co/VcpMZvXe4q #zimbabwe #babyface
It is time to pray Dhur 1:36 at Juba in South sudan
JUBA/KIGALI. - South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has finally agreed to sign a peace deal and power-sharing accord... http://t.co/SqMi0q34mx
South Sudan president to sign peace deal but will list concerns -minister: JUBA (Reuters) - South Sudan's pres... http://t.co/840Hj962HS
S.Sudan minister

says Kiir will

sign peace deal: JUBA: South Sudan's president is expected to sign a peace ... http://t.co/QfWWWkySpR
Official: S. Sudan president may sign peace deal Wednesday: JUBA, South Sudan (AP) - South Sudan President Sal... http://t.co/9igu74SSSY
RT @SamiEmara2: http://t.co/ObhSeGXBEN #entebbe #Sudan #Khartoum #SouthSudan #Juba #Equatorial #Mali #Bamako #Senegal #Dakar #Burkina #gamb...
http://t.co/ObhSeGXBEN #entebbe #Sudan #Khartoum #SouthSudan #Juba #Equatorial #Mali #Bamako #Senegal #Dakar #Burkina #gambia #NAF #Banjul
Official: South Sudan president may sign peace deal: JUBA, South Sudan (AP) - President Salva Kiir of South Sudan... http://t.co/QmQrashpXF
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